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We offer an extensive range of mattresses from budget to luxury.  

Our exclusive range of handmade mattresses start from £99 and are available in most sizes: 2'6  3'0  3'6  4'0  4'6  5'0  5'3  6'0


Also in a choice of supports: Soft , Regular or Orthopaedic


If you have a requirement for an unusual size mattress or bedstead base please contact us.

We offer a competitively priced professional and prompt service and a wide selectionof qualities and supports.


Please click on the images below to browse a selection of the mattresses we have available.

Open Coil Mattressess The most widely used option, springs are arranged in rows and connected to one another, top and bottom, by wire with an outer rod strengthening the edge. There are usually 325 coils in a 5ft but some mattresses may have more. The higher the number of the springs, and the higher the spring gauge in the mattress, the more support it will provide. They are usually finished with a thick layer of quilting and foam.



As the category suggests, these mattresses do not contain springs

Instead the mattresses consist entirely of high density durable foam which are hypo-allergenic and resistant to dustmites, bed bugs, and are anti-bacterial. Ideal for eczema, asthma,

and allergy sufferers. A very hygienic and fresh way of sleeping.  

Pocket Sprung Mattresses contain hundreds of individual springs that are sealed in a fabric pocket and stitched together. This unique and increasingly popular arrangement results in a support system that prevents the springs from rolling into each over when under pressure. Pocket Sprung Mattresses are usually finished in a variety of ways including thick layers of quilting, tufting and often natural upholstery such as cotton, wool, silk and horsehair.



A sprung memory foam mattress is a hybrid of a pocket-sprung base and a memory-foam top layer. It is a particularly appealing option for those people who feel comfortable with traditional pocket springs but would like to experience the latest visco elastic sleep technology

Memory Foam Mattresses use a Polyurethane foam which slowly responds to body temperature and weight to take the shape of the user. This individual moulding process provides unrivalled suport and comfort, guaranteeing relief for back, neck and joint pain through the best natural sleeping posture with pressure evenly distributed across the mattress area. Memory Foam Mattresses slowly return to their original shape after use.

Traditional Open Coil Non Sprung Memory Foam Memory Pocket Pocket Sprung